Substitutes for eggs in cakes
Substitutes for eggs in cakes

Whether you are promoting a vegan lifestyle, have an egg allergy, or do not have them on your hand and want to make a cake, it’s good to know that there are egg substitutes. 

Eggs are usually difficult to replace in recipes, especially desserts, but not impossible. Some substitutes are not ideal because the taste and texture of the dessert change, but most of them are pretty appropriate.

The fewer eggs listed in the recipe, the easier it is to replace them without much affecting the taste and texture. Replacing eggs in recipes is also recommended for those who want to reduce their fat and cholesterol intake.

The primary role of eggs in cakes is to make them light and fluffy. When whisked, eggs trap little air pockets that release during the baking time, giving a cake texture we all love so much – they almost work as a leavening agent. Eggs also combine ingredients and provide moisture and good taste to your cake. There are several different egg substitutes, but not all are suitable for all recipes.

Today we’re talking about egg substitutes in cakes.

What are good substitutes for eggs in cakes?

If you don’t eat eggs or have to replace them for any other reason, luckily, there are numerous ways to substitute them:

  • Bananas – Mashed bananas are a great substitute for eggs in cakes, plus you’ll get a mild banana flavor of your dessert. 1 egg = 1 smaller banana (65 grams). If you don’t like banana flavor use avocado or pumpkin in the same amount.
  • Apple puree – as the name says, apple puree is a puree from cooked apples. Use 65 grams (¼ of a cup) of apple puree as a substitute for 1 egg.
  • Commercial egg substitutes – In your local store, you’ll find a lot of commercial egg substitutes. They are usually made of starch and leavening agens. Use them following directions on the box.
  • Vinegar – Mix two tablespoons of vinegar and ½ cup of water. For best results, you can add a teaspoon of baking soda. It will create bubbles and air gaps, similar to eggs.
  • Yogurt – Yogurt will give moisture and taste to your cake. Use 60 grams (¼ of a cup) of plain yogurt for each egg in your recipe.
  • Potato starch – Mix 1 spoon of potato starch and 1 spoon of sprinkling water and use them instead of one egg in your cake.
  • Carbonated water – Freshly open bottle of carbonated water can be a great replacement for eggs in your cake, as it works as a moisturizer as well as a leavening agent. Use 60 grams of carbonated water as a substitute for 1 egg.

Is mayonnaise really substitute for eggs in cakes?

It could sound a bit silly, but yes, mayonnaise is a perfect substitute for eggs in cakes. Mayonnaise is made out of eggs and contains them, so you’ll get actual eggs in your recipe.

Use three tablespoons of mayonnaise to substitute each egg in your recipe.

What happens if you bake a cake without eggs?

If you don’t use eggs (or any eggs substitute) in the cake recipe, your cake could turn out a bit too dry. Eggs add moisture to dry ingredients. Also, they add fat and proteins, so they affect the cake’s texture.

Cake without eggs will still be perfectly edible but explore eggs substitutes if you don’t want to use real eggs for best results.