The pomegranate is one of the typical fruits of autumn and is readily available in markets. Pomegranate is delicious and rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins. In addition, this fruit is quite pleasant for our palate, given its particular taste.

It is said to bring luck and wealth. Greek mythology held that this plant was sacred to Juno and Venus and a symbol of fertility and wealth. And even today, it represents a sign of abundance, so much so that it is a good omen for wedding lunches and as a good luck food for New Year’s Eve dinners.

But, compared to other more well-known and consumed fruits, it is also quite complicated to clean. So, how can you get it without cleaning the red splashes of this delicious fruit everywhere?

If you are wondering how to peel a pomegranate and extract the arils (the fleshy part of the seed) in the best way (and cleanest!), in this article, you can read about different methods and find some suggestions on its uses!

Before Opening the Pomegranate: The Useful Tools

The simplest method of opening a pomegranate takes a few minutes and uses tools we can all find around the house. So, before you even start peeling the fruit, it is a fine idea to follow a few precautions and have some accessories at hand that can make the operation easier.

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Kitchen Paper or Cutting Board

Pomegranate is quite juicy, and during the opening stage, it tends to stain. For this reason, you should use sheets of kitchen paper to lay the fruit on, which will be able to absorb the excess liquid. Alternatively, you can use a wooden or silicone cutting board, but be sure to wash it immediately to remove stains that, once dry, would not come off easily.

The advice is also to use a kitchen apron to protect clothing from splashes. If the pomegranate is very ripe, you can also use rubber kitchen gloves: this will shield you from stains and prevent the fruit from slipping from your hands.

Smooth-Bladed Knife

The skin of the pomegranate is firm and thick, and to carve it effortlessly, it is best to use a smooth-bladed, sharp knife. On the contrary, the hacksaw is unsuitable because it would not slide easily, and the fruit could escape you.

Large, Well-Stable Bowl

After protecting the work surface and choosing the right knife, it is a good idea to have a large bowl to collect all the seeds. Prepare one preferably made of glass as it is more stable than the plastic ones, which could easily overturn, causing you to scatter all the contents.

How to Open the Pomegranate Quickly?

Before proceeding with the peel carving and subsequent cutting, swirl the pomegranate on a cutting board, crushing it lightly with the palm of your hand. This will help the seeds begin to pull away from the walls, and following operations will be easier. Next, we suggest four ways to open and remove its shell quickly.

1. Cut by Carving the Groove

Remove the cap and continue by carving the peel vertically, following the groove. Slit the peel until you get several wedges. Be careful to go only a little deep to avoid squeezing them. Spread them out slowly until they split, arranging them on a plate. With your hands, remove the white membrane present inside. Then turn it upside down toward the bowl and peel off the seeds with the help of a spoon. They should come away easily.

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2. The Triple Cut

To speed up the opening of the pomegranate, you can proceed by incising the peel both above and below by removing the two caps. At this point, cut the fruit horizontally with a wide-bladed knife like the one you use to cut vegetables. You will end up with two “pierced” hemispheres into which it will be easy to stick a spoon to dislodge the seeds.

3. Tap the Fruit

Another quick way to peel off the pomegranate seeds is by staking the skin from the outside. First, equip yourself with a bowl. Using a smooth-bladed knife, remove the top cap and white membrane. Turn the fruit upside down with the opening at the bottom and use a spoon to tap the peel firmly-the seeds will come down quickly. Continue until they all fall into the bowl. Inevitably, however, some will stick to the shell: in this case, dig in with the spoon to dislodge even the most hostile ones.

4. Soaking in Water

A handy trick that keeps you from getting dirty is to soak the pomegranate in water. First, cut the fruit in half. Next, soak the pomegranate in the bowl, leaving it in the water for a couple of minutes. Then dig gently with the back of a spoon, keeping the fruit submerged: the seeds will come off easily, without staining, and, once free, will settle to the bottom, while the skins and any residue of the white membrane will float to the surface and you can easily remove them. Once finished, drain the seeds and use them following your chosen recipe.

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How to Make Seedless Pomegranate Juice

If you do not need to use the whole seeds and do not need them as ornamentation for the recipe, one of the easiest ways to enjoy this fruit is to obtain its juice, which helps make drinks or sparkling pomegranate wine. You can do it three ways to get it quickly without the pesky seeds. Let’s see which ones.

  • With A Blender

Take the fruit, wash it, dry it and cut it in half. Next, hollow out the inside by obtaining the seeds, following one of the methods described above, and then transfer them to a blender. Once the juice is obtained, isolate the seeds through a strainer.

  • With a Juicer

Pomegranates can be juiced in the same way as an orange or lemon. Cut it in half and use the juicer: the juice you get will be free of the seeds, and you can pour it into a glass. Or, after opening and shelling the pomegranate, following one of the suggestions, you can squeeze the seeds with a vegetable mill. Some seeds may slip into the liquid, so we suggest you strain it through a strainer before drinking.

The Best Recipes with Pomegranate

There are many tasty and simple recipes with pomegranate, many more than you might initially think. For example, gently blending its juice can make a delicious risotto with pomegranate. Then, at the end of cooking, you can add the seeds to decorate the dish and give it a truly gourmet look and taste.

Or you can also use pomegranate seeds to decorate meat-based dishes, creating a combination of irresistible flavors with which to amaze your friends and relatives. In particular, we recommend pairing it with guinea fowl for a simply perfect result.

Finally, you can prepare an original dessert, baking a soft Pomegranate Christmas Cake and adding its juice, a sweet course that will leave everyone speechless. Or you can serve unique and delicious pomegranate bread.

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Give Us Your Thoughts on How to Peel Pomegranate

There are techniques by which you can get to a delicious core quickly and without adverse consequences in the form of stains on clothes. Real masters can peel the fruit in a few minutes or less, spending only a few movements on it. With a bit of practice and such hacks will be within everyone’s reach.

Have you also had difficulty opening it and getting the seeds out? If your answer is yes, we hope this article has been helpful to you!