How to melt white chocolate?
How to melt white chocolate?

Many people say white chocolate cannot even be called chocolate, but almost everyone enjoys its taste. Still, when it comes to melting it, many are confused about melting white chocolate? Is it better to melt it in a microwave or a pan? Why doesn’t it melt in the desired texture, like a thick syrup, but it turns grainy or seized?

Let’s see how to melt white chocolate to the perfect consistency for your desserts.

White chocolate is a product of chocolate, so it cannot be officially called chocolate. It has a pale yellow color, similar to ivory. It’s made in a completely different way than dark and milk chocolate. Dark one should have at least 35% cocoa, and its content can reach up to 99%.

Making white chocolate involves using cocoa butter (the most expensive cocoa bean extract), which producers mix with other ingredients, such as sugar, milk, and vanilla. Unlike different types of chocolate, white does not contain almost any cocoa, so in many countries, it is not considered chocolate. As a rule, white chocolate should have at least 20% cocoa butter, 14% dairy substances, and at most 55% sugar.

The melting point of cocoa butter is high enough for the chocolate to be solid at room temperature. White chocolate’s sweet and refined aroma goes well with the other ingredients during baking.

White chocolate is an essential part of baking. Although not as well known as black, you can use it almost the same way to make sweet temptations. In most cases, people use melted white chocolate. You can melt it in the microwave or a pan, but, of course, you should be careful because white chocolate has a lower melting point, and it melts much faster than milk or dark chocolate.

White chocolate is sensitive to heat because it contains less cocoa butter than other types of chocolate.

Type of chocolateCocoa butterCocoa solids
Milk chocolate≥ 15%≥ 25%
Sweet chocolate≥ 18%≥ 31%
Dark chocolate≥ 18%≥ 35%
White chocolate≥ 20%
Amount of cocoa butter and cocoa solids in different types of chocolate

Should you chop white chocolate before melting?

Yes, chopping is required if you have the whole bar and not white chocolate chips, so your chocolate can melt evenly.

If pieces of white chocolate is small and approximately the same size, that guarantees even melting and the nice texture of melted dip.

Chopping before melting! (

Should you stir white chocolate when melting?

Stirring white chocolate while it melts is required and necessary! If you don’t stir the chocolate while it melts, it won’t be smooth but lumpy and uneven.

What is the easiest way to melt white chocolate?

Melting white chocolate in the microwave is the easiest way. You can use both – white chocolate bars or white chocolate chips. If you melt them in the microwave, white chocolate chips won’t clump or burn, and that’s a usual problem with this baking ingredient.

Heat white chocolate in a microwave to get perfect results (

Although melting white chocolate in the microwave is easiest, other methods can give pretty successful results. White chocolate can be softened with the double boiler, in a pan on the stove, slow cooker, hot milk (or cream, optionally), or melted butter (or shortening).

Each of these methods has its advantages. If you don’t have a microwave, we recommend trying one of them.

How to melt white chocolate in the microwave?

You’ll need a microwave (obviously), microwave-safe bowl, and spatula or a whisk. The microwave-safe bowl can be made out of glass, silicone, or ceramics, but never choose a plastic bowl since microwaved plastic can leach chemicals into food. When selecting a microwave-safe bowl, make sure it has a safety label on the backside.

  • Pour white chocolate chips into a bowl. Put the chocolate in a microwave and heat on 50% power, uncovered, for one minute. Maybe you’ll need additional 15-second intervals.
  • Take out the heatproof bowl and stir the chocolate with a spatula. If there are unmelted white chocolate chips put the bowl back to the microwave and heat in 15-second intervals, again in 50% power. Repeat 15-second intervals as many times as needed until 85% of white chocolate is melted.
  • If any chocolate chips stayed unmelted, they will melt from residual heat, just keep string until all chocolate chips are melted and smooth.

How to melt white chocolate in a double broiler?

For the double boiler method, you’ll need a double broiler or DIY double boiler. The double boiler contains two stacked pots. In a larger pot, you pour water, which is boiling. The smaller pot, where you put white chocolate chips, you’ll place in a larger pot. Steam from water from a larger pot will warm and melt chocolate in a smaller pot. This method uses indirect heat to melt the chocolate.

You can melt white chocolate chips in a microwave, a pan, or a double boiler (

DIY double boiler is easy to make – take a bigger pot and glass or metal bowl that can nest in the pot. Pour water into the pot, pour white chocolate chips into the bowl, and stir until melted in your DIY double boiler.

Using a double boiler method is simple, and it will melt the smooth white chocolate without lumps, but it requires your presence all the time. You cannot leave steaming pots and walk away.

How to melt white chocolate in a pan?

If you decide to heat the chocolate in a saucepan, you’ll have to keep your eyes on it since it could quickly burn. Turn the burner to the most petite (or medium) power possible. Immense power will cause burning.

Pour white chocolate chips into the pan and put the pan on the burner to warm up. Stir with a spatula all the time and remove the pan from a burner when you melt 85-90% of chocolate. That way, it won’t have lumps, and you’ll perfectly melt it.

You can always thin chocolate if needed by adding a bit of coconut oil, shortening, or butter.

Can you add milk when melting chocolate?

Yes, you can also add hot water, milk, melted butter, or cream when melting chocolate. Just be careful, never add cold liquid to melted chocolate, and don’t forget to stir after every teaspoon added. Cold liquid could cause seizing, and your white chocolate will end up grainy.

Does white chocolate melt faster?

Yes, white chocolate, milk, and sea salt chocolate contain little cocoa than dark chocolates. That’s the reason it has a lower melting point. Chocolates that contain a lot of cocoa melt slower since cocoa takes more time to melt. That’s also the reason white chocolate often burns when melted.

What temperature does white chocolate melt?

Different kinds of chocolate have other melting points:

Type of chocolateMelting temperatureTemping temperature
White chocolate104 – 115°F (40 – 46°C)87°F (30.5°C)
Milk chocolate104 – 115°F (40 – 46°C)87°F (30.5°C)
Dark chocolate113 – 120°F (45 – 48°C)86 – 90°F (29 – 32°C)
Melting points for different kinds of chocolates

How do you melt white chocolate so it doesn’t burn?

It would be best to melt white chocolate gradually so it doesn’t burn. You can use the microwave method we described – it is the safest method for melting white chocolate. Just turn on the microwave 50% and do not cover the bowl. The technique with boiling water is also thriving, keep stirring the chocolate and do not lose it from sight.

White chocolate won’t seize or be grainy if you heat it in the microwave. Don’t forget to stir after 15-second intervals! (

How do you fix the white chocolate that has been seized?

Seized white chocolate is easy to fix. Just add boiling water, but be careful – add one teaspoon of boiling water at a time so that the chocolate doesn’t become runny. Stir vigorously after every teaspoon of water until your white chocolate has desired consistency.

Why is my melted white chocolate thick?

White chocolate melts gradually, and its ingredients disperse evenly, but white chocolate could become thick, lumpy, and seized if there is only a tiny amount of fluid. To avoid thickening of your white chocolate, follow the recipe rules:

If a recipe calls for no liquid, by all means, avoid adding any liquid. If the recipe calls for adding liquid (melted butter, for example), melt the white chocolate with butter to bind better.

Desserts with this treat are irresistible! (

How do you make white chocolate runny?

Melt the white chocolate with the addition of little vegetable oil. Vegetable oil will keep melted chocolate runny and prevent its thickening. It can also fix overheated white chocolate. You can easily make a chocolaty dip or any other tasty treat with the liquid product.

Can you remelt white chocolate?

Re-melting any chocolate is not recommendable, but still, if your chocolate seizes, you can add teaspoons of hot water (don’t forget about stirring) until you get the right consistency. Don’t heat white chocolate in the microwave twice.

There are numerous recipes for tasty treats with this type of chocolate (

How do you melt white chocolate melts?

White chocolate melts may have the consistency of chocolate, but they are mostly made out of vegetable oil and sugar, and they do not contain cocoa butter. Still, melting melts is easy – use a double boiler method we described above and melt them in a bowl above hot water.

How do you melt white chocolate chips?

Melting white chocolate chips is more effortless than melting the whole chocolate bar, which you must chop first. You can melt white chocolate chips successfully with any method of those six, and there are smaller chances that the final product will be lumpy.

White chocolate chips are easiest to melt (

What kind of white chocolate is good for melting?

White chocolate melts are best to use in recipes that demand melting. Melts aren’t necessarily 100% chocolate, but they are similar to a real thing. You can quickly melt them without burning or seizing them. Heating them is a piece of cake, and soon you’ll have liquid of perfect consistency for your favorite desserts.

Why does my white chocolate not melt?

Melting white chocolate requires some practice. Since it’s not real chocolate but a mixture of sugar, milk, cocoa butter, vanilla, and fat, it has a lower melting point than similar products. You cannot melt white chocolate chips like you would with dark chocolate products. You should set your stove to medium, and you should be stirring a saucepan with white chocolate all the time while it melts. Also, you cannot lose it from sight because burning could happen before you know it.

Just take your time and melt white chocolate gradually and slowly. You’ll get a perfectly smooth consistency.