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Homemade Bread Flour Substitute

Homemade Bread Flour Substitute

You don’t have bread flour at home, and you want to make bread dough? Don’t worry, we know how to make bread flour at home, and we’ll give you instructions. Yes, you read that right;...
How to Store Flour Properly to Prevent Bugs

How to Store Flour Properly to Prevent Bugs

Bugs and other pests are not uncommon in flour as well as other dry food. How many times have you reached for the flour only to see bugs crawling inside?  Regardless of how tidy your...
What Kind of Flour is Used to Make Roux

What Kind of Flour is Used to Make Roux

Roux is that essential part that makes every stew hearty and delicious. This combination of flower and fat improves the flavor and the texture of your dish and helps make the ultimate comfort food...
Types of dough you can make

Types of Dough You Can Make and How

The simple yet amazing mixture of flour, water, and fat is the basis of many delicious recipes. From crunchy bread, airy, mouth-watering pizza dough to pasta and biscuits. While the basic ingredients are usually...
Kneeding dough with hands

Can You Use a Bread Machine Recipe to Make Bread by Hand?

Yes, you can use a bread machine recipe to make oven-baked homemade bread anytime. In fact, you can pretty much convert any bread machine recipe if you follow certain rules and guidelines.  Many bakers would...
Over proofed dough

How Can You Tell if Your Dough is Over Fermented?

It happens to the best of us. Due to lack of time or experience, sometimes the dough over ferments. But it’s not the end of the world. It takes time to develop baking skills...
Perfect dough

Tips for Making the Perfect Dough in a Bread Machine

The purpose of bread machines is to make baking a lot easier, right? You just add the ingredients and the machine does all the kneading (the most tedious part of baking) for you! But somehow,...
Bread fro bread maker

What Can You Make in a Bread Machine Besides Bread?

Do you have a bread machine hidden somewhere in the deepest corner of your kitchen or basement? It’s time to take it out, dust it off, and put it to good use. If you thought bread...
Grains and fruits

Adding Whole Grains and Fruits to the Bread Machine?

Many bread machines will tell you exactly when to add whole grains and fruits thanks to a special feature (hoppers dispense whole grains and fruit at the right time). Other bread machines will beep...
Pizza Dough

Type of Yeast You Can Use in Bread Machine for Pizza Dough

The answer is instant yeast. This is what you’ll find in most recipes for pizza dough prepared in a bread maker. Instant yeast is made of tiny granules that dissolve very quickly and can...

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How To Melt White Chocolate?

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Can You Refreeze Bread?

Can You Refreeze Bread?

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