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Why baked goods have a floury taste?

Why Baked Goods Have a Floury Taste?

Making recipes from scratch can be such an enjoyable way to spend time. You're measuring ingredients, mixing or kneading, shaping, and eventually baking your pastries, bread, pizza. Whatever you like. Every step in the...
How to soften hard cookies?

How To Soften Hard Cookies?

You thought you did everything right, from measuring ingredients, sifting flour, mixing, and shaping perfect cookies. A delightful aroma is spreading all over your home, and you can’t wait for the moment to bring...
Do you knead the dough before or after it rises?

Do You Knead the Dough Before or After It Rises?

When you see a beautiful loaf of bread with a perfect crackling crust and soft, airy inside, you should consider how much work is behind the final version you enjoy.  Making bread and pastries begins...
Can You Proof Dough Without Yeast

Can you Proof Dough Without Yeast?

We all know yeast is necessary when you’re making baked goods, such as bread, pizza, or biscuits. But what to do if you’re allergic to yeast? Or you don’t have time to wait for...
What Can You Make With Unused Biscuit Dough

What Can You Make With Unused Biscuit Dough?

Biscuits are hard to resist. Their soft, fluffy and airy texture always calls for one more, and as many as you make, it looks like there is never enough. That's why many of us...
How Can You Make All-Purpose Flour at Home

Homemade All-Purpose Flour

All-purpose flour is universal flour that can substitute almost any other kind of flour you need. We usually have all-purpose flour at home and mix it with other ingredients to get pastry flour or bread...
Homemade Cake Flour - Substitute For Cake Flour

Homemade Cake Flour – Substitute For Cake Flour

Homemade strawberry cake sounds like a perfect dessert on a hot summer day. It has a light and refreshing taste; it’s not overly sweet. On top of all that- it is pink! If you want...
Homemade Pastry Flour

Homemade Pastry Flour

You're in a mood for some chocolate chip cookies, and you happen to have a great recipe. They are so easy to make and so tasty. It looks like you have all ingredients at home....
Homemade Bread Flour Substitute

Homemade Bread Flour Substitute

You don’t have bread flour at home, and you want to make bread dough? Don’t worry, we know how to make bread flour at home, and we’ll give you instructions. Yes, you read that right;...
How to Store Flour Properly to Prevent Bugs

How to Store Flour Properly to Prevent Bugs

Bugs and other pests are not uncommon in flour as well as other dry food. How many times have you reached for the flour only to see bugs crawling inside?  Regardless of how tidy your...

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How to knead dough in a mixer

How to Knead Dough in a Mixer?

If you’re not a fan of hand-kneading, you’re not alone. Fortunately, stand mixers are a perfect tool to quickly knead the dough without getting...