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Bread box

Do Bread Boxes Keep Bread Fresh Longer?

Why Yes! Bread boxes are ideal for storing homemade loaves of bread. Heat and humidity both affect the quality of the bread and cause it to go bad faster. Bread boxes provide the perfect alternative....
Biscuit Dough Troubleshooting Guide

Biscuit Dough Troubleshooting Guide

When looking at video tutorials and reading recipes for biscuit making, it seems so easy - a piece of cake. It might appear so when someone else is doing all the hard work. However,...
Types of dough you can make

Types of Dough You Can Make and How

The simple yet amazing mixture of flour, water, and fat is the basis of many delicious recipes. From crunchy bread, airy, mouth-watering pizza dough to pasta and biscuits. While the basic ingredients are usually...
Homemade or Canned Biscuit Dough

Which is Better: Homemade or Canned Biscuit Dough?

Homemade and store-bought biscuit dough both give almost equally tasty biscuits, but the question is which is better, or to be precise - which is healthier?  Making biscuits at home requires time, some skills, patience,...
Pizza Dough

Type of Yeast You Can Use in Bread Machine for Pizza Dough

The answer is instant yeast. This is what you’ll find in most recipes for pizza dough prepared in a bread maker. Instant yeast is made of tiny granules that dissolve very quickly and can...
Deflated bread in bread machine

Why Bread Deflates in the Bread Machine?

The most common reason why bread deflates in the bread machine has to do with yeast and liquid ratio. If you put too much liquid in the dough, it could kill the yeast which...

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can you use regular flour in bread machine

Can You Use Regular Flour in a Bread Machine?

 If you recently bought a bread machine, you probably have many questions regarding the recipes, techniques, and ingredients you can use. One of the...