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Eating raw cookie dough

What Can Happen if You Eat Raw Cookie Dough?

Tasting a dough you knead can be tempting. It's sweet, soft, chewy, and if it contains pieces of chocolate, how to resist? Sometimes, trying just a bit to see if it is sweet enough...
How to Make and Knead Biscuit Dough

How to Make and Knead Biscuit Dough?

A biscuit is a flour-based baked good. It’s usually sweet, and you can enrich it with numerous ingredients, such as chocolate, ginger, jam, or cinnamon. Biscuits can also be savory and similar to crackers....
Biscuit Dough Troubleshooting Guide

Biscuit Dough Troubleshooting Guide

When watching video tutorials and reading recipes for biscuit making, it seems so easy - a piece of cake. It might appear so when someone else is doing all the hard work. However, when...

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Types of dough you can make

Types of Dough You Can Make and How

The simple yet amazing mixture of flour, water, and fat is the basis of many delicious recipes. From crunchy bread, airy, mouth-watering pizza dough...