Can you microwave cookie dough?
Can you microwave cookie dough?

Microwave ovens have become an indispensable part of kitchen appliances, convenient for any occasion. We can prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks in the microwave, and more and more often, we come across recipes for desserts that are ready in only a few minutes in this type of oven.

However, is a microwave suitable for heating cookie dough? Today’s article answers all questions related to cookies in the microwave.

Can you bake cookies in the microwave?

Yes, you can microwave cookie dough, but the final results won’t be as expected compared to a conventional oven. The taste of microwave-baked cookies will resemble oven cookies. The main difference is their texture. Cookies baked in the traditional oven have a crispy outside and chewy inside. Microwaved cookies have a more cakey soft texture.

Why does this texture difference happen? The classical oven heats the dough from the outside first, gradually baking cookies inside. The microwave oven, unlike conventional ovens, does the opposite – it heats food inside, gradually reaching outside.

Result? Cookies that aren’t crispy and chewy.

Microwave cookies are edible – if you don’t have a classical oven, the microwave is the next best thing. But, if you’re an experienced baker, you might be unsatisfied with this texture.

Are all types of cookie dough suitable for microwaving?

plate of chocolate chip cookies
Cookies baked in the microwave won’t have the texture of oven-baked cookies, but they are still pretty tasty (

Most types of dough are suitable for microwaves, but some of the famous cookie dough producers refrain from this practice.

Let’s see how different types of cookie dough behave in the microwave:

Store bought cookie dough

Some of the people’s favorite chocolate chip cookie dough manufacturers, such as Pillsbury, disagree on this question. While some say that it is acceptable to microwave their dough, others are against it. Store-bought cookies baked in the microwave are tasty, but they turn out flat as a nickel.

ManufacturerCan you microwave cookie dough?
Pillsbury cookie doughNo, microwaving is not recommended. Please, bake it in the traditional or toaster oven.
Nestle Tool HouseBake it in the oven for best results, although you may microwave it.
Sweet Loren’sYes, this manufacturer’s product you can bake in the microwave.
Aunty Kath’sNo, microwaving is not recommended. Please, bake it in the traditional or toaster oven.
Annie’sIt would be best not to microwave, but follow the instructions on the package.
Instructions of most famous cookie dough producers

Homemade cookie dough

You can bake homemade cookie dough in the microwave oven, but do not expect the results you’re used to. Baked cookie flattens, and it is not crispy outside, and chewy inside, neither is it’s color golden brown.

Tip: For best results, make high balls to avoid getting nickel-flat cookies.

How to microwave cookie dough?

To start, you will need cookie dough, homemade or store-bought. If you’re using homemade dough, create balls. If you decide to go with store-bought cut slices 1/2 inch thick. Put a piece of dough in the center of the microwave-safe plate. Cook cookie dough for 20 seconds. Check the cookie and bake another 20 seconds. Voila! Add ice cream or chocolate sauce, and enjoy a perfect dessert. Your chocolate chip cookie is ready!

How to microwave cookie dough in a mug?

chocolate chip cookie in a mug
Chocolate chip cookie in a mug – why not! (

If you aren’t in the mood to make a big batch of cookies, you can make microwaved cookies in a mug. You’ll need essential cookies ingredients, a cup, and a microwave oven.

Mix one tablespoon of softened butter with one spoon of brown sugar and half a teaspoon of vanilla essence. Add one egg to the mixture and keep stirring. Add 1/3 cup of plain flour and gently stir. In the end, add your favorite additions – dark chocolate chips, nuts, or M&M’s.

We kindly suggest you not eat raw cookie dough since it could lead to severe health issues.

Microwave for about 1 and 1/2 minutes. If the inside of the cookie is still pretty wet, keep microwaving until it’s done. Here you go – your chocolate chip cookies are ready!

Can you microwave frozen cookie dough?

Balls of frozen cookie dough
Scoop the dough and freeze it. That way you can microwave as many balls as you need it. (

Yes, you can microwave frozen cookie dough and it will behave better in the microwave than fresh! Scoop a ball of frozen dough and bake the frozen cookie ball for 30 seconds. You’ll get a real cookie as if you’d bake it in the classical or toaster oven.

Advices while microwaving cookies

Here is some advice you should follow for best results and damage prevention:

  • Do not use metal utensils in the microwave! You probably know by now that metal pans, plates, spoons, and other utensils do not belong in the microwave. Using metal dishes can lead to explosion that could hurt you and cause a fire. To avoid this type of accident, use only plastic or ceramic dishes that are microwave-friendly. You can also use actual glass rotation plate, but make sure to wash it.
  • Do not follow cooking time blindly. Most microwave cookies recipes call for 20 to 40 seconds baking time. Check on your cookies while baking so they don’t end up dried-out.
  • Wait at least 20 seconds before consuming. Cookies baked in the microwave are very hot. To avoid burns, wait for at least 20 seconds for the cookie to cool down. Cut it in half with a fork to see is it steaming.

Are there any advantages of microwaving cookies?

There are some advantages of baking cookies this way:

  • You don’t have to wait for preheating, unlike with coventional ovens.
  • Cookies will be ready in 40 seconds – they’re cooking fast in the microwave.
  • Mess will be smaller – it is easier to wash small microwave safe plate than baking sheet.
  • Microwaves are energy efficient and cheaper than traditional ovens.

Tip: Cook small portions for the first time until you figure out do you like microwaved cookies.